Penang Hill Funicular Train Uphill Trip

Everybody knew now that those two brand new Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) funicular train can go uphill or downhill in only five minutes. It is air-conditioned, 360 degree glass view and can accommodate 100 visitors per trip, with no middle station train changing required. For comparison, the old red painted Penang Hill funicular train need to transit at the middle point for every up/downhill trip, no AC and takes a slow 30 minutes. While 30 minutes seems okay for sightseeing visitors, Penang Hill Corporation always in pressure during peak holidays and festive seasons, queing for a ride takes more than an hour. Now they managed to solved the problem altogether by upgrading the electrical tracks, bigger pulling cables and replaced with two single coach modern funicular train. The trip goes so fast that they sometimes slowed the funicular train speed down for better experience among visitors when they got the opportunity to do so (during slow normal days).

Fascinating Bukit Bendera/ Penang Hill brand new funicular train uphill trip photos by Rob and Yuehong Dickson from InternationalSteam.

Loverayx video of him on new funicular train riding up the Penang Hill.

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