RMAF C-130 Hygyroscopic Cloud Seeding to Ease Haze

Thanks to Indonesian massive slash-and-burn agriculture deforestation activities (Indonesia is among worlds largest emitter of greenhouse gases), Malaysian again (annually) received its share of very bad near-critical hazy air, that somehow gave problem to everyday life. Always, after certain days, haze got unbearable and so comes the rescue through science by Malaysian Meteorological Department and Royal Malaysian Air Force to induce rainfall by cloud seeding. How they do it? Basically they locate the 'Comulus Tower' type of cloud, also the atmospheric area that have huge density of water vapor. The cloud seeding operation aimed for such spot that have high probability of rainfall occurrence in between 85% to 100%. 150kg of salts diluted into each 1000liters of water to form liquid mixtures (NaCl) before being separated into four 250liters of water container, then load/ pushed into the grey RMAF C-130 Hercules tanker airplane. RMAF C130 then take off, piloted straight into readily selected air spot, normally at the altitude of 1524 to 4267 meters up from earth surface. The water mixtures then spayed into the cloud, that finally induce the formation of tiny icy water droplets inside the cloud. If the amount of those artificial ice seems enough, the over-weighed ice clouds then going to drop as rains. Rains normally happens from 15 to 20 minutes after any cloud seeding process been made.

Photos, published by MINDEF Malaysia, of the recent cloud seeding operation in Subang Airport. Each cloud seeding operation usually takes 2 to 3 hours, with steep RM80,000 receipt price.

Some pre-operation news video of the cloud seeding process in Subang Airport Selangor Malaysia to tackle the haze problem, done by MET and RMAF.

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