TheEdge Malaysia Office Building

The Edge (written TheEdge) Malaysia business and investment news media office where something not nice about Malaysia's 1MDB RM42billion mega money scandal made public.

Shortly in the middle of the turf war between 'national security' and freedom of news media, TheEdge was said involved in a political conspiracy to allegedly topple prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. TheEdge then been suspended, website blocked by local ISP (lifted few days after) from selling their weekly / monthly TheEdge Malaysia financial newspapers by Ministry of Home Affairs, thus so TheEdge now only operating online, surprisingly via their new upgdared and centralized website signalling their aggressive move into the new media.

Images by Mediacorp and TheMalaysianInsider of TheEdge building / front door to the office during '808 Gathering' to challenge the ban of TheEdge. The gathering however not gain enough support, hence being unsuccessful.

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