Mack Super-Liner Commissioned by the Sultan of Johore

Sultan Ibrahim of Johore, Malaysia got this custom built Mack Super Liner delivered on October 15th, 2015 in a whirlwind/ short visit to Brisbane Australia. The Mack truck is the Sultan big-rig dream, his Majesty is going to show his Mack truck to the Johorean public, and already ordered his word, for the Mack truck, to tow his custom built powerboat of the same design around the country (Malaysia). The Mack Truck Superliner custom built by Viking Trucks Coolum Queensland Australia, is the most expensive custom built Mack truck ever built. The price tag is kept secret but smashed the previous record of previously most expansive $481,000 for a customized rig. As expensive and fine workmanship is, this Mack Truck Superliner commissioned by the Sultan of Johore basically from outside looks like just a truck, but has some of the fanciest things in and around it, including six-camera CCTV system, two flat screen TVs, a stone-topped kitchen aread with freezer, refrigerator and a barbacue area, double bed and seats with 72,000 stitches of gold thread. As to make it really pop-up as the truck fit for the Sultan, the truck boast a solid-gold tiger ornament on the front hood.

Mack Truck commissioned by the Sultan of Johor, Malaysia

See below the designing, building, installation and finishing process of the customized heavy duty Mack Truck Superliner for the Sultan of Johore, in the garage of Viking Trucks Australia.

The one and only, glossy and shiny, expensive custom built Mack Superliner, luxuriously fit for the Sultan of Johore, Malaysia. Like the show-display of light and the cosy custom built interior of the Mack.

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