Kelantan "Chilly Brand" Matchstick Factory

Cap Lada, seems nobody noticed but everybody used it, locally made matches sticks, for years to light fireworks, candlestick or oil lamp during any events of blackout etc. Here is the proud old factory called Kelantan Match Factory, runs by local oldies maybe in their late retirement age.

Everything produced from Kelantan Match Factory will literally light fire. The inner Cap Lada matchsticks production area seems smooky BBQ enough, open-wood fires, the smell of strong kerosene from the gas stove and looks old, really traditional. Maybe many of us already abandon matchsticks for better and stylish 'zippo' lighter, but matchsticks will never go out of fashion, not in the decade after perhaps.

Kelantan Match Factory is one out of two matchsticks production factories still running in Malaysia, and they not only selling the regular yellow sticker with a chilly at the center Chilly Brand / Cap Lada but also Eagle, Double Kris, Star, Tiger Head. Normal matchsticks sized in between 20 to 50 mm sizes, but Kelantan Match Factory at Jalan Atas Banggol Kota Bharu Kelantan also entertain special made-to-order matches especially from clients eg: hotels or businesses.

Interesting photos below showing old workers making the Chilly Brand matchsticks, from the sticks to arrangement to packaging in bulk box, a normal daily scene from the inside of Kelantan Match Factory.

Kelantan Match Factory Sdn. Bhd.
4874A, Jalan Atas Banggol, Kampung Sungai Keladi,
15300, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 15000.
Phone: +609-744 7454

Photos credit: ElfaPhotography & AsamGaram.

Play the video below to know more about the legacy of Chilly Brand matchstick, and the factory that producing it, founded earlier than 1983. In its heyday, 2 million boxes of matches were produced every month.

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