Bull's Body of Batu Sapi Heritage Park

In Sandakan, there is a place called Batu Sapi now gazetted as one of the many heritage park hence named Batu Sapi Heritage Park. Batu Sapi or if translated in English means Bull's Rock (Batu = rock, Sapi = bull / cattle / cow). The unique Bull's Rock at Batu Sapi Heritage Park is the result of million years of rock formation due to wind, erosion and weather. The Bull's Rock is perfect back then in 1920's but now due to long years of being left there, the head section of Batu Sapi collapsed to rubble on its own weight, leaving the only bull's body of rock that still looks quite impressive. Batu Sapi, the heavy rocky body still horizontally standing on its three small foots, at the beach of Sandakan, what a unique rock structure to see.

Photos of head chopped, bull's body rock of Batu Sapi or officially known as Monument Batu Sapi at Batu Sapi Heritage Park by Ct De Zal.

The early 1920's photos of Batu Sapi at the sea-beach of Sandakan (now Batu Sapi Heritage Park), this rocky bull is actually so massive two three times the size of living bull.

Legenday Batu Sapi. This rock has its own story where there was a crocodile about to come out of water, but meet and fight with a buffalo on its path to land. The fight tooks more than an hour, then the sudden lightning strike both animals, turns it into a permanent rock in front of Sandakan beachfront now known as Batu Sapi Heritage Park.

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