Breakfast's Roti Canai Can Be Made at Home. Easy. Successfully.

Many loves Malaysia's flat bread, roti canai for breakfast. Most of us however had no choice but to step out and walk/ drive a bit every morning to the nearest stall selling roti canai. While the dough is only flour and salt, most does not able to go with the art of making it, unable to flip roti canai into it shape, thus the attempt of make roti canai goes sideways, forever. But this nyonya girl produce a short video telling you and me how to make finally make roti canai. The making of roti canai is proved simple, and probably the easiest. Just follow these simple step by step example, and your homemade roti canai can be your next proud breakfast serving. Thinnest as whisper, flaky, golden roti canai.

Simplest roti canai ingredients (5 to 6 pieces)
1. 290 grams All-purpose flour
2. 1/2 tablespoon Salt
3. 1/2 tablespoon Sugar
4. 160 ml Water
5. Oil for working the dough

Add salt into the water, and also sugar. Dilute everyting. Create well at the center of the all purpose flour, pour in the water. Mix well, and when the dough sticks together nicely and seems workable, knead it until smooth to release those gluten that will help you, later, spread the roti into thinnest flour sheet possible. Separate and form five to six ball-shaped dough, wet the balls with oils and put into a fridge for a while/ overnight.

Now the most difficult part, mastering the art of flipping roti canai. Prepare enough working space, oil the working surface. Then take a ball of roti canai dough, flatten it a bit, flip it once, twice, trice or fouth until it spread flat. After that, fold the roti canai in, make a spiral circle ball out of it. Leave the dough again for a while, then flatten it to form the signature flat layered shape of roti canai. Plat it onto the pan, keep flipping until it cooked and browned. Done. But then for the last mamak's tricks of flaky smooth roti canai, place your roti canai onto a flat surface, then claps your hands with roti canai being pressed in the middle. Delicious.

Nothing beats freshly made roti canai, you just cannot substitute it with frozen roti canai. Making roti canai is really simple, test it now by following this NyonyaCooking video below.

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