GilaHartanah List Out All Possible Ways of Buying Properties In Malaysia With Zero-Downpayment

Property price goes up, many people then complaining. But for how long? GilaHartanah team up 12 famous property investor around KL, and instead of just talking about idea, GilaHartanah gave its audience everything these 12 property investors use as their tips and tricks and how to hack into buying target properties with little effort or no money at all as down-payment. If you well verse into those tips of property research and negotiating successfully, property investing can make the term 'millionaire' seems small, and possibly not hard at all. GilaHartanah tells all about 80% to 200% profits that you can make through one property-buying agreement, via zero-downpayment before, during and after property being bought.

Through example of these 12 seasoned property investors, some of them eg: Cikgu Amir bough six straight RM1 million per commercial premises with only 1/10 down-payment, and after few years, the price of those lots hiked up to RM2 million per premises, not just he managed to deal with friction amount of downpayment, he profit 100% at large for all those premises. Adrian Un bough his first M-Suite investment home at the age of 19 with zero-down-payment. Gavin Liew was sad with the bad condition of his soon-to-be investment property, assess the problem and finally got the Subang Perdana apartment with 15% under market price, all zero-down-payment.

GilaHartanah not just jot down those experience as example, but gave everything in between the the first urge to buy properties, into tricks of property assessment, getting trusted investment alarm from trusted property developers around, secret ways of negotiating with property developer and their property agents, into seeking helps from banks, after purchase tricks with the banks and tenants, everything molded into the means of buying properties around KL with zero-down-payment and profit easy 100% average after six months to few years on properties bought.

Malaysian property investors like below, they had this habit of keep on buying properties. One of them already bought 23 properties before the age of 30. So learn their secrets and be one of them too at GilaHartanah.
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