This Is How They Harvest & Bottled That Infamous Madu Tualang

It is pretty much ordinary to see Madu Tualang (madu = honey, tualang = tualang tree) being sold in any farmers market throughout peninsular Malaysia. Famous wild Madu Tualang is sourced from the woods of Kedah or Pahang sells throughout the stall/market on the road from Perak or Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur. The honeycomb or propolis or colony of giant honey bee is easier to spot, they nest in the open but on the top of tall trees like the highest trees in Malaysia eg: Tualang Tree hence the naming made for this sort of honey as Tualang Honey. Tualang honey harvester supposed to wear a bee suit, but many expert locals just brought up the smoke pot (containing burned charcoal and leaves in it) while climbing the tree, cut the colony and brought the whole individual colony in a big plastic bag. Then the honeycomb cut, a bit sticky and messy of course, leaved for a while to extract the precious nectar, filtered and bottled. Tualang Honey is authentically reddish, aromatic, and sweetly-sour. Not mixed with anything else, Madu Tualang can stays fresh like forever in a closed capped glass bottle with thin layer of propolis ring can be seen at the very top of the honey liquid inside the bottle, if left untouched for a very long period of time.

Hyped or not, Madu Tualang already beed documented on Discovery Channel. About Malaysian honey hunters permitted to collect honey from the wild for three consecutive months, once a year.

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