iflix Malaysia Movie Streaming for Only USD2/Monthly

Ever got to iflix? Malaysia's one and only legal online streaming service that charged for only RM8 monthly (+- USD2/monthly subscription). iflix Malaysia also includes many films and TV shows not just from USA Hollywood Scene, but also got Chinese, Malay and Tamil films/ dramas in it. There's a section for young kids as well, sorting media by cartoon/tv characters of by tv episodes itself from Ultraman, Bola Kampung, Pingu to ABC Monsters.

iflix Malaysia currently updates the site which allows subscribers to stay updated on favorites streaming media by creating playlists following on-site curated lists of people (artist/celebrity) or collections (specially categorized movies/ shows).

No more torrents or illegal downloading, iflix clearly hassle free, easy to navigate, and run smoothly even on slowest public broadband when streaming on smartphones. The movie list also quiet superb, I would say better than normal satellite tv HBO, because all the movies are there waiting for you, not the other way around.

iflix VIP 63% Off

List of films or tv shows goes on from New & Trending like Hunters or Mr. Robot or Downtown Abbey or Dong Yi or Rindu Awak 200% to legacy movies such as X-Men: First Class or very Tom & Jerry or old Independence Day. Once you navigates away in the middle of streaming session or, closed your browser, iflix conveniently stores your session into history list and you can choose to just resume or play fresh again anytime later.

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