MyTV Move Malaysia Towards DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial TV

Noise of Malaysia digital TV already known for a year already. Everywhere, we could see MyTV Broadcasting company handling out MyTV decoder, the box that enable TV viewers to connect it to their TV and see those so called newest digital TV channels. Actually, MyTV is just Malaysian fancy name to the broadcast transmission technology called Digital Video Broadcasting - Second Generation Terrestrial or DVB-T2, better than the previous standard of DVB-T. The whole ASEAN nations, and the whole world actually is currently transitioning to this DVB-T2.

With higher bitrate, DVB-T2 systems suited for carrying nowadays HDTV channels on terrestrial TV channel. That MyTV decoder is just like the latest tech that old TV/ or cheap HDTV doesn't have. But many HDTV of latest models, like smartTV, already had this DVB-T2 built-in. So what user actually need now is to connect the wire from UHF aerial to the DVB-T2 socket at the back of those TVs.

DVB-T2 channels selection interface on the TV screen is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but digital TV channels is the same for all. In Malaysia though, MyTV as for today only currently broadcasting these free trial channels in SD such as TV1, TV2, TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9, TV AlHijrah (Full-HD) dan Bernama News Channel (BNC).

Buy DVB-T2 decoder, and see the channels like below:

Here is how Wow!channel install and run those MyTV DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) channels on Samsung Smart TV with built-in DVD-T2 connected to outdoor Yakaki antenna. Connect everything, search for signals, do some DTT tuning and walla watch the found channels.

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