Satirical TangkapMO1 Cartoons Already Catches The Seeing Eyes

After few years of demonstrations coordinates around Malaysia for many political reasons, this time the first ever Tangkap MO1 with black and red themed peaceful protest seems small. Around only 300 peoples mostly universities students, activists and NGO's gather on the Tangkap MO1 demonstration day on 27th August 2016. While MalaysiaZINE does want nothing to do with them, but their demo banners somehow already catches the seeing eyes. TangkapMO1 goes artsy, some of the sketches and drawing figure seems up to the satire, looks really creative and funny, with three to four huge cartoons being walked down the street and finally put together behind bars at the end of the demonstration.

TangkapMO1 demonstration used the term "Voice of change by youngsters for beloved Malaysia", sort of, to reasons their gatherings. Tangkap MO1 is however deemed illegal by police force and will face inquiry under the Peaceful Assembly Act which regulates public protest based on evidence from videos and photos found on the internet. Below are some Tangkap MO1 satire cartoons found mostly from Mynewshub & other places on the internet.

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