It's Fun Watching Them Veejay-ing at Starlive Malaysia

There is now a site, called Starlive Malaysia, officially allowing young Malaysian to become a VJ. But you would need to go to a short VJ job interview first at Starlive Malaysia's HQ and gain some training class. Forget that, Starlive Malaysia is the first of its kind that works. They gave every VJ their own gold or silver colored VJ kit consist of radio or industry standard microphone and sound box that really makes Starlive Malaysia outstanding in term of VJ-ing sound. Those VJ's seems nice and social, they do their livecast through their own HD-webcam from anywhere they like. Other user then can comment or chat to them VJ via chatbox. If you feel like being a supporter (wira they says), do register, login buy some coins (live points) and pass them (any VJ) some gift. Starlive Malaysia definitely offers a new kind of fresh social experience that combine part of video chatroom and online radio, in regulated environment, live.

Starlive Malaysia livecast is available to all browser, android and iOs smartphone users. Photos below shows some thing you can do at Starlive eg: browse for VJs, interact with selected VJs on their livecast room, give them VJs some gift, watch them VJs live stream and buy virtual cars on Starlive mall.

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