Spectacular Redang Bays View From Luxury Taaras Beach Resort & Spa

The isle of Redang Island, photographed from The Taaras Luxury Beach Resort & Spa. The Taaras was built one of the most spectacular Redang Island bays surrounded by one of the bluest oceans on earth. White sandy beaches, breathtaking seafront views, quiet beautiful island environment, hidden from outside world and all. Barefoot luxury experience at its finest, all from unspoiled East Coast of Malaysia, Redang Island.

See these Redang Island photos from the very insightful perspective. Credit to Lily Lienty, Melonabas, Faiz Said and Chattering Kitchen.

The Taaras guests are greeted at Terengganu Airport lounge and transported directly to the Redang Island most secluded beach resort & spa via shuttle and private boat.

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