Taman Tugu Will Make Tugu Negara Become Alive

If you go to Tugu Negara today, you will only see the Tugu Negara as the main 15m national monument built since 1966, then the Cenotaph and water pond all inside National Monument Park. That is it, seems historically alive yet dead environment with surrounding greens that consist of decaying fruit trees and some strong rainforest trees that nobody cares. But that is not going to be it anymore. The government already moved RM650million to conserve and polish the whole 66-acre surrounding Tugu Negara, connects all historical buildings and two main LRT stations. Once completed it will be a living rainforest in the city, or fun recreational city park with many kind of historical sites scattered in and surrounding it, at the very heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Taman Tugu aims to bring the whole rainforest greens surrounding Tugu Negara to life. Exactly between the National Monument and the Istana Selangor by activating it with relevant activities and connecting cultural sites to the reach of walking visitors. The Taman Tugu will be pedestrian friendly, free-to-access for the public and scheduled to open by end of 2018. There will be walkways, bridges and pedestrian deck from KL Sentral to the Perdana Botanical Gardens via Muzium Negara all within walking distance.

See these promising images of Taman Tugu, artist illustrations.

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