Somebody Forgot to Get Back Three Boeing 747s from KLIA Airplane Parking Lot

Maybe the due is over now. Three abandoned 747-200s left there at KLIA airport parking lot for more than two years already. Last year, 2015, these three unclaimed 747-200s made spotlight when MAHB, operating body of Kuala Lumpur International Airport made a rather big advert Notice Under Civil Aviation Act 1969 that KLIA is going to sell (used 747 plane market value at USD26million each) or scrap (price maybe at USD2million each) those cargo airplanes if nobody come forward to claim it.

The Boeings with call signs of  TF-ARN, TF-ARH, TF-ARM was traced belongs to airplane leasing firm Air Atlanta Icelandic, but the company told back they already sold those aircraft back on 2008. After that, those planes has been sold multiple times and now Kuala Lumpur based SWIFT Air Cargo claimed that those are B747's are theirs yet now facing some difficulties to show KLIA official the complete plane ownership paperwork since they didn't that (yet). Parking space is no problem for KLIA, yet unpaid (still running) parking rental fees up to RM1million, landing charge and other bills for those stagnant 747-200s need to be sorted out as well.

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