Beautiful Garden Wedding Next to The Forest Venue at Sangkot Villa Hulu Langat

There is this new place, Sangkot Garden and Sangkot Villa right next (or maybe already within) to the forest in Hulu Langat, Selangor. It is an old simple yet stylish English style vacation villa, with front concrete walls for privacy, white curvy high front gate, and just enough front yard concrete patches. Else, grass, scenic greenery and wood color all over your view. The yard have enough natural light, seems ideally nice with beautiful backdrop of real forest trees, plus unique wild durian trees can also be identified by the knowing.

See these photos by SangkotRara and Nanabahrin, perfect calm and happy place for hosting events: wedding, birthday, celebrations etc. Sangkot compound had it all, white hight tents, wedding gazebo, wedding lounge, and the villa itself.

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