Frenz United FC In Turmoil, FUFC Football Academy Facing Poor Upkeep

Frenz United or officially known as Frenz United Football Club (FUFC) in Janda Baik Pahang has what it takes to train and developed future Malaysian footballers. It is 100% self funded by sponsorship contracts and management holdings. Frenz United follows FIFA tournament format in all its training facilities and its two own-hosting football tournaments: international tournament namely Frenz International Cup (FIC) and one regional tournament Asia Champions Trophy (ACT). But...

Fast forward three years ahead, begins in July 2016, rumors has it that Frenz United no longer functioning well. Internal management crisis had forced many staffs including coaches to quit after months of salary-payment problem. Talents originated from Indonesian already gone for home. Football field has not properly taken care anymore, the whole facilities maintenance at the academy probably already also gone out the windows. Mess hall also facing problems with no breakfast served anymore.

Nobody knows what the future hold for those around 26 participants left, decided to cling on the RM80,000 per annum scholarship as these kids are also high school students, some should be preparing for SPM. Frenz United was half-bough by JDT past January, so there should be hope, since JDT is a wealthy football club and the fact that Frenz United is now selling latest merchandise tees on Facebook like there is nothing need to worry about. Here are some photos describing the undeserving atmosphere at Frenz United now.

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