Haron Din Laid Rest at Five Pillars Farm Cemetery, Livermore CA, USA

PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Dr Haron Din final resting place in Livermore, California, United States. He died because of heart complication, previously slipped into coma during treatment regarding his heart problem at San Francisco's Stanford Hospital. Death time 10.10am, Date 16 Sept 2016 (Friday). Buried at 8.57am, in California, respecting his will to just be buried in the States if in case he died.

Haron Din (1940-2016) held a Masters' degree and PhD in Sharia Law from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He has taken the responsibility to be PAS Spiritual Leader to replace the late Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat along with other highest position in PAS eg: Syura council member and information chief. During his political time, he had published several Islamic related books including Sharia Law (Hudud). He also appointed as Sharia and Fatwa panels at various local institutions including CIMB Bank, Bank Negara, Securities Commission of Malaysia and one of the member in Perlis Fatwa panel advisor. Also, Haron Din is the sole founder of Darussyifa' Bandar Baru Bangi since 1988, a synonym institution that introduced and being a standard to Islamic healing practice in Malaysia.

Photo credits: Dr Huda Haron and Azizan Osman.

Entrepreneurial motivational speaker Azizan Osman visited the cemetery and snapped the updated March 2017 photo, below, Al-fatihah:

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