Independence-X Aerospace Malaysia Currently Racing to The Moon Too

Malaysia, as any nation in this part of the world, has this kind of prohibitive funding environment towards research and development for the future. That is why we rarely heard or see any really cutting edge technology being developed in Malaysia, let alone to space. But, there is this Malaysian-owned private space research company, Independence-X Aerospace, that already selected as finalist team for Google Lunar X Prize, the biggest of its kind on earth.

Independence-X Aerospace realized that space programme throughout the world already created such amazing technology, but that many technology left untouched. So the team at Independence-X Aerospace try to learn and understand those technologies available, dissect them into parts and repackage those space technology back into new spinoff technology to help solving current problem like hunger. So the company starts by providing precision farming service leasing pre-configured abuse-proof drones for commercial use, mixed with the use of remote sensing and satellite communication technology.

Enough about earth crops, Independence-X Aerospace must go up to the orbit by itself as well. With little budget before, the was forced into seeking for cheapest ways possible. So they already spinoff other space technology like dry hidrogen to fuel small rockets into space. Small rockets can only carry small objects, so their research market now focused on carrying nano and pico sized satellites into orbit.

But by competing in Google Lunar X Prize, Independence-X Aerospace must go higher 384,400 km up, to the moon! How to scale much heavier loads for such space travel, fuel and such? Independence-X Aerospace now has this idea to shoot their lunar rocket into earth orbit, accelerates by spinning on earth orbit and to finally slingshot to the moon. Once landed, with current drones technology available, the team decided to follow suit. Already developed cheap and reliable Y6 configuration lunar drone to scale the moon surface and send some amazing moon shots back to earth. How cool is that?

Independence-X Aerospace CEO, Izmir Yamin explains how the journey to space is setting the groundwork for commercialization.

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