Wreckage Boeing 777 Debris - Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 - Confirmed

World longest missing airplane Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 tail number marking 9M-MRO finally found, confirmed - Sept 15, 2016, ATSB debris #4, sadly in the form of dozens washed up plane wreckage debris, along the coast of South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius and Tanzania. Malaysia as the registered country for the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane has the investigative responsibility regarding the missing MH370 passanger airplane and, Malaysian Ministry of Transport is the authority responsible for MH370 information, you can see them at MH370.gov.my or MH370.mot.gov.my.

According to them, two debris was confirmed as coming from MH370 that gone missing since March 7th, 2014, and two other, highly likely also from MH370, and more than 22 debris at play in the hands of official Malaysian Annex 13 Investigation Team (email: MH370SafetyInvestigation@mot.gov.my) and other aviation safety bureau like Australian ATSB.

MH730 Debris #1
A segment from Boeing 777 flap track fairing, from the right wing. The 676EB stencil shown that it was not from original manufacturer font & color, but instead developed and used by Malaysia Airlines Berhad painter. The repainted part was consistent with MAB maintenance record for 9M-MRO.

MH730 Debris #2
A segment of a Boeing 777 RH horizontal stabilizer panel. The NO STEP stencil font and color also not original from manufacturer but consistent with what was developed and used by Malaysia Airlines Berhad. A single stabilizer panel fastener that looks like a button also found intact on it, and the head markings of this fastener give to a clue that this fastener was produced in production line from (405) to (404) MH730 9M-MRO.

MH730 Debris #3
"RR" Rolls Royce aircraft engine laminate found with no other parts to identify. But the pattern, color and texture of those RR was only used by Malaysia Airlines for Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft. No other airliner in this  is recorded world using this.

MH730 Debris #4 (Confirmed)
An inboard section of a Boeing 777 outboard flap. There is a date stamp 23 GEN 2002 found on one of it part, told that it was manufacture on 23 Jan 2002, which was consistent with 31 May 2002 delivery date for 9M-MRO. All aircraft parts identification stamps, or serial number, has Boeing and second "OL" number, that unique to parts construction company it originates. The Italian aircraft part manufacturer found use this second "OL" number on its construction line for outboard flap that was shipped to Boeing as line number 404. Boeing then delivered aircraft line number 404 to Malaysian Airlines that later registered it as 9M-MRO. It is confirmed that this debris was from 9M-MRO, that known operating as MH370.

NatGeo documentary video about the missing MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that vanished and stunt the modern aviation world.

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