Semi-automatic Malinnov M1P 9mm Calibre Malaysia First Ever Handgun

Look at this Malaysia first ever handgun known as Malinnov M1P, a semi-automatic pistol, using an improved NATO-standard 9×19 mm Parabellum rounds. There are two gun variants in the market now, one Malinnov M1P is produced for the military and law enforcement purposes and the other also Malinnov M1P is for competitive sports shooting.

Introduction of this Made-In-Malaysia Malinnov M1P 9mm pistol by AegisMalinnov in late 2015 is kind of interesting when it comes to highly concealable gun ownership and firearms industry, because Malaysia had those probably the best in the world no-gun policy. Getting and submitting gun-application form is easy through PDRM online website, yet getting approved by Bukit Aman is hard, it takes years and the answer letter probably gonna be a clueless rejection.

Yet lets say you are those lucky badass yet 100% sane Malaysian gun owner, Malinnov M1P is definitely perfect in term of price. This handgun is sold at RM4000, 20% cheaper than the average international gun price excluding ammo and government processing fees. And yes, Malinnov M1P gun owner in Malaysia also need to renew gun permit every year and pay that private gun club fees, if your aim of gun ownership is recreational.

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