Train To Busan. Nope, Train To KL 2016 & No Zombie Though

The incident happens just right within the gaining momentum timeline of Train to Busan (2016) zombie movie. Rapid KL LRT Kelana Jaya facing second time rail power failure, within a week. No power means no air circulation, thus forced the operator to ask everybody to abandon the LRT train. Forcing those on board the train, in between Jelatek Station to Damai Station, to resort to out walking on the elevated LRT rail line. Thousands of LRT commuters affected during that 'Train to KL', occured at the finest peak hours of the day from 7 to 7:30am and 9 to 10:15am.

Picture of that Train to KL incident, sourced from TheCoverage.

Some clarification made by the Rapid KL LRT CEO itself commenting about the scene.

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