De Fam Ft. Brandon Beal - With You

De Fam again enter the spotlight this time much relax with Brandon Beal get in With You song, vacation mood, yet still catchy. With You looks like an international produced music video, shot on Semenyih Dam and Banjaran Hot Springs, Ipoh, Perak. Yeah somewhat unexpected but De Fam done it beautifully.

With You chorus
Cos as long as there's you
I'm alright
Just wanna have you
Right here with me by my side
As long as there's you
I'm alright
I know I can do all the things I've dreamed about
Just as long as I can do them with you
Full lyrics just expand description under Youtube video

With You starts smooth, but then goes more catchy as the song goes. Listen quietly for a while and then you will find the love for the song, especially when the music starts showing the superb soulful location shots, after that Brandon Beal came in. That music inserted right after the chorus though, super fantastic and, De Fam knows how to dance, obviously.

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