Hey Kids, Welcome to Legoland (Malaysia) Themed Hotel

Legoland Hotel Malaysia opens a year after Legoland Themed Park opened in 2012, is Malaysia's number one, best theme hotel available. Part of Legoland Malaysia Resorts Theme Park and Legoland Waterpark. Designed as it was build with striking Lego bricks, Legoland Hotel Malaysia is guarded by green Lego dragon. Entered the Legoland Hotel Malaysia, kids will be amazed with huge Lego castle and Lego pirate shipwreck on the lobby and other play-area, and all tons of Lego bricks they could possibly play with, hard and soft, huge and small, for toddlers, kids, and parents to partner with.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia reception area is decorated with all possible Lego figurines, with moving bicycle ride by Lego Emmet can be seen slowly moving from right to left. Legoland Hotel Malaysia offers three themed room types; Pirate, Adventure & Kingdom. All in separated floor, so not just the room but the decor of the walkways and room doors of these separated Lego theme can be feel and play with just right after you exit the fun dancing light elevator.

Other amenities includes, Lego shop, Brick Restaurant and Lounge Bar, fitness and pool area. Kids will be given hand Lego hotel bracelet with instruction to solve room puzzles to finally open room treasure chest with Lego sword (example) as gift inside. The Lego Hotel also provide biscuits, and a box of Lego for kids to play around with.

Photo credits: Legoland Malaysia, Visualmaps and Ourlittlesmarties.

See Legoland Hotel Malaysia tour video by Archie Teodoro below for full sneak peak of the best theme hotel in Malaysia where your kids hardly want to leave the room (and the hotel) at all.

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