Malaysia First Ever Roman Catholic Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez

Anthony Soter Fernandez, retired head of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese, is among the 17 prelates named by Pope Francis to be elevated to the second highest rank within the Roman Catholic hierarchy, a cardinal. Anthony Soter Fernandez will be the first ever Roman Catholic Cardinal in Malaysia, 19 November 2016. Elevate him from 'His Grace' to 'His Eminance' or entitled officially as 'His Most Reverend Eminence'. Officially will wear the cardinal red hat that signifies the faith to the blood, mathyr.

The will be Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez is already above 80 years old though, so from now on after 50 years of holy work, he is to serve as Pope's principal advisers, but not that among cardinal-electors during a conclave. A conclave, a meeting by College of Cardinals / cardinals under the age of 80 do, 117 cardinals in 2015, entering a closed and confined meeting inside the Sistine Chapel in Rome, for days, and the black smoke will appear only if the new Bishop of Rome or known as Pope has been decided by the member of those cardinals.

Photo credit: StJosephtSentul

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