Kedah Rozmey Air Piaggio P180 Avanti Evo Private Charter Jet

Datuk Dr Rozmey Che Din probably already receive a midsize class no. 1 Piaggio Avanti Evo for his corporate transportation and private charter jet business, Rozmey Air, base operation in North of Malaysia, Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Kedah. This is one out of only two Piaggio Avanti Evo twin pusher turboprop can be found in Malaysia, probably the only one can be chartered in Malaysia.

Rozmey Air Avanti EVO is an extended range executive aircraft with full optional configuration, "Italian style" vip interior that can accomodate maximum 8 passengers with one or two pilot/co-pilot in the cockpit. Since Piaggio Avanti Evo jet has unusual shape, it cabin is not symmetrical, it a bit cozier up front than in back. But, with huge cabin space of 69 inches (1.75m) in height and 73 inches (1.85m) width across. Interior noise also lower than other conventional turboprop jet, because the propellers and engine exhausts are located behind the cabin.

Piaggio Avanti EVO is the fastest twin turboprop jet ever, maximum 402 KTAS (745kmh) cruise speed, can climb up to 41,000ft. At max of 1979 miles (3185km) range, Piaggio Avanti EVO owned by Rozmey Air can easily do transcontinental travel with just a single fueling stop and Malaysia state to state in style. As publicized on media, Rozmey air at first going to only do domestic private charter (Malaysia) before expanding the flight range to Mecca for Umrah.

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