Tanks, Alibaba Carpets, Palestine Solidarity Murals at Kota Bharu

Street art Souk Fil Madinatul Jadid "Palestine Mural" painted by Mohd Nawi Mat Ali, 62, with his four other street artists. These mural can be seen along Medan Ilmu / Jalan Dato Pati right at the back of PAS Office, Kota Bharu Kelantan branch. It took Mohd Nawi a full month to finish the murals painted on the backstreet walls. This Palestine Mural next to Jaafar Rawas shop at the center of Kota Bharu is to picture the life and culture of Palestinians in form of their culture, economic activities, education and challenging political realism, as well as to also reflect our own lucky life as Malaysian, to appreciate peace and free living we Malaysian have here.

Those huge carpets looks pretty much real to anybody. It is a realistic 3D mural though.

Photo credit: MalaysiaAktif and SheaSoniaShares.

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