Bigo Live (Malaysia) Video Chat App

Bigo Live app, operated from Singapore, already months embraced by socially active Malaysians. Bigo Live app is super easy to use, user just need to do simple sign-up via email or Facebook credentials, then allowed to get in seeing streamlined wall sorted by currently hottest video broadcast by other Bigo Live members.

The thing about Bigo Live app (Android / Itunes) that differentiate itself from other video chat app on the internet is, it allows Bigo Live app user to see high definition video without the need to pay for anything, in fact, video broadcasters in Bigo Live app get their fair share money (cash in from virtual gift collected) by accepting virtual gift (diamonds, crowns, donuts, beans) from viewers without the need to ask for it.

In term of user experience, Bigo Live app user able to see any real people (video broadcasters), seeing them doing real life job and in real life location, either within their own location range or other international members categorized by nations, popularity, newest members, nearby members and more. Some Bigo Live app members already doing more than just running for virtual popularity contest eg: team up among themselves to support each other, some even do gathering at their local locations, doing extended business in real life and more.

No nudity, smoking and illegal video allowed, Bigo Live app moderator ban everybody pretty quickly for that. I see Bigo Live app user broadcast their live video while eating out with friends, singing in karaoke room, doing barrista works at local cafe, and more but below is probably the most creative video broadcast ever on Bigo Live app, probably commercial video from Bigo Live app team.

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