Kelantan Famous Sleeping Buddha at Wat Phothivihan

Kelantan is a Muslim Malay majority state in Malaysia, but near the borderland Thailand district, Tumpat, there sit the tourist famous and old reclining Buddha / sleeping Buddha statue at Wat Phothivihan. The Sleeping Buddha is measured 40 meters in lenght, 11 meters in height, painted in orange monk robes, the sleeping Buddha here is said to be the longest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, 2nd biggest (after Myanmar) sleeping Buddha statue in the world, since 1973.

Wat Phothivihan is old, 300 years and more, with the Wat Phothivihan half open structure sheltering the sleeping Buddha was built 40 years ago. There are four Buddhist monk and two workers maintaining the sleeping Buddha statue in Wat Phothivihan.

Kampung Jambu, Tumpat is flooded with Buddhist-Thai immigrants, with nearly more than 25 unique crowd-funded Buddhist temples showcasing their own huge Buddha statues eg: massive bronze sitting Buddha statue, huge white standing Buddha statue and more.

Photo credit: JeTunnel, ArtpixelgrahyStudio & JojoreiSinger.

Short video Slhoe touring the sleeping Buddha statue showing six small Buddha statues at the main entrance for worship and donation, and 18 other bigger than you Buddha statues surrounding the sleeping Buddha statue.

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