REDHA Malaysia Best Film of 2016: Autism, Coping Family, General Views & Our Perception

Malaysia ASK Anugerah Skin 2016 (translate: Screen Awards 2016) has awarded Redha (2016)  as the best Malaysian film of 2016. Redha (2016) is based on a true story, drama genre film, about autism kid, his dad difficulty in accepting the special condition of his autism son, the closed family and friends challenge living with the kids and coping negative perception from public towards their strange and difficult to handle autism kid.

Redha (2016) probably able to clarifies some of our misconception on autism individual that lives among us, on instead of blaming and judging, we could choose to show compassion and loves towards autism person.

Soft hearted alert, Redha (2016) film trailer could rain your eyes with tears. Applause and big hug for Redha (2016) actors and production crews for producing such a thoughful film. According to CDC, 1 out of 68 children born with autism, and there is currently no cure for autism.

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