MYR1,000,000 One Million Malaysian Ringgit Money Tunnel

Situated at the ground floor of Central Bank of Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery or normally called as Sasana Kijang Bank Negara. There is this RM1,000,000 or MYR1,000,000 or One Million Ringgit tunnel is a simple yet worthy of its own. The tunnel is to cheer your kids, that leads to children gallery where kids can enjoy sort of playground setting everything about money.

The One Million Ringgit tunnel is made entirely with glass panel, where inside the glass wall of the tunnel the museum insert and display all Malaysian paper money, all original paper money, of all series and denominations, from first print to date, for a grand total of one million ringgit worth of money. There the millionaire feeling, money sorted all around you, for a moment at least.

Photo Credits: FamilyGo, MalaysiaCoin & Umminina.

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