RM540,000 Ceiba Chodatii Rare Brazilian Trees Planted In Kuala Nerus District

Three indigenous South American trees, Ceiba Chodatii or generally recognized as Floss Silk Tree or commonly called by Brazilian as Palo Borracho, with their distinctive bottle-shaped swollen trunk for the water storage during dry season, now can be found planted somewhere at Kuala Nerus District.

Worth RM180,000 (imported from Brazil) each (2017), Ceiba Chodatii can grow up to 70 meters in height, definitely a huge foreign tree, locals now is expected to be amazed at this, an opportunity to appreciate green idea and rare natural setting. Brazilian trees in Malaysia, only in Kuala Nerus District, Terengganu.

Photos credit: Mohd Syafiq Ridzuan Ambak & Razak Bidin.

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