The IPOH Signboard Made Popular By a Team of Teen Daredevils

Here are photos of that massive white painted IPOH Signboard made viral by team of eight teen daredevil. The IPOH Signature sits atop of a green hill facing Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Perak. These daredevil climbed, walking on top of this IPOH Signature with minimal safety gear. Most of the time they just walking slowly between IPOH Signature steel bars with 'no hands'.

Not just that, they elevate the stunt further by hanging on the side of IPOH Signature without any rope on them, completely lay down, drink and sightseeing down the hill, on a green hammock tied between the P and O of IPOH Signature. Then one of daredevil team member pilot a drone above and around this now famous IPOH Signature, revealing how high, how massive, how dangerous and how beautiful, at the same time, this act of scaling IPOH Signboard was.

Photos credit: Faiz Paeh.

Nice photos isn't it? Play the video below, officially edited and published by Faiz Paeh entitled Geng Panjat IPOH. Such a dream selfie, and their daring way of wishing everybody Happy New Year 2017.

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