Sarawak Cultural Village 7 Tribal Homes

Sarawak Cultural Village, a must be place for tourist when you landed at Kuching International Airport. Situated at the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong, 35km away from Kuching, Sarawak Cultural Village is a showcase of all major racial groups in Sarawak.

Kind of living museum, Sarawak Cultural Village not only built and maintained the unique villagers/ tribal houses, but also have real people of those main native group people as the village worker, acting or depicting their own original ancestral life.

Eg: Malay knitting Kain Songket, Iban housewives doing textiles, Melanau Terendak making sunhat, Bidayuh knitting basket or tambok, Iban sharping swords, Orang Ulu doing wood carving beautifully and Chinese with their unique ceramics.

Apart from that, Sarawak Cultural Village also have main theater house, where the theater students and official theater actors show-casting the uniqueness of Sarawak and its people, in front of whole audiences.

Photos credit: BackpackFairytalesThriftyTraveller, Sarawak Cultural VillageIzam Iqbal & Poonam Patel.

Bidayuh Longhouse

Iban Longhouse

Orang Ulu Longhouse

Chinese Farmhouse

Melanau Tall House

Malay House

Penan Hut

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