Quran Recital Class on a Falcon 2000 Private Jet

Private jet charter company Elite Jets offering Malaysian super wealthy or those who can afford it, a private quran reading and tutoring session on a Falcon 2000 business jet. The Falcon 2000 use in this program features luxury Italian  theme interior eg: leather seatings and gold plated linings. The jet is priced at USD21 million, and operates at a whopping operating cost of USD5K per hour.

Private Quran reading class on Falcon 2000 will be held by qariah Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah Syed Badiuzzaman, 1st place winner of 2009 International Quran Recital Competition. Priced at RM33K (or USD7.5K) per hour (standard private jet charter price), the private jet Quran recital program includes departing and ice breaking session on first departing hour, then followed by private quran reciting/ tutoring on the second hour, then eating and all. Then Quran tadzkirah (memorium/ memorandum) talk session everything at the cruising altitude of 9,000 meter.

Photo credits: Elitejets & Sharifah Khasif.

Eg: If you want to fly to Dubai, that takes around 7 hours. Return tickets means 14 hours multiple by USD7.5K, so the total ticket cost you should pay is USD105K. To Indonesia, that takes only 2 hours and so. See the promotional/ demo Quran recital class video below:

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