300 Kg Python Fails To Eat Human Prey

Heaviest snake ever in Malaysia? a reptilian python (translate = ular sawa) was recently killed in Gondang, Marang Terengganu on March 7, 2017 after the python's unsuccessful predatory attack to gulp/ eat 40 years old oil palm farmer, Awang Jemahat during the 11 am morning. The giant snake phyton was then killed by the villagers, for fear of future predatory attack on other human and farmed animals especially cattle that being released to wander around oil palm plantation area.

While not officially measured, this 20 foot long or 6 meters python was assumed to weight at around 300 kg, bigger in mass than Malaysia longest 26 foot (8 meters) 250 kg python caught last year in Penang.

Photo credit: Sinar Harian.

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