Coast Guard KM Bagan Datuk Patrol Vessel

Malaysia Coast Guard next generation patrol craft, first ever made in Malaysia built by Malaysian shipbuilding engineers from Kumpulan Destini Bhd, part of six NGPC vessels being delivered to Malaysia Coast Guard agency. This vessel just completed the sea testing, and been launched in March 15th 2017 as 4541 KM Bagan Datuk. The fastest and most sophisticated coast guard patrol vessel to date in Malaysia coast guard inventory.

Maritime Bagan Datuk vessel took 2 years to build, with 44.25 meters in overall length,  7.7m overall beam, this coast guard vessels can reach a top speed of 24 knots powered by two 1920 kilowatts MTU engines reaching up to standard range of 2000 nautical miles in single trip, cruising with maximum 41 Malaysian Coast Guard crew members. Able to facilitate in search and rescue operation, fire fighting job, fisheries protection, maritime surveillance, and sea pollution control.

In term of firepower and equipment, KM Bagan Datuk is equipped with 35mm automatic cannons, day/night long range cameras, an UAV (or drones) that increase the patrol vessel surveillance area for 80 nautical miles in range for 8 hours, oil pollution equipments, etc.

Credits: Malaysia Coast Guard.

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