KK, Sabah State Administrative Centre

Sabah State Administrative Center in Kota Kinabalu consists a complex of 33-storey center building and two 9-storey building on the the left and right. This is mainly the new Sabah chief minister office (Musa Aman - 2017) and other Sabah state government cabinet members, managing 10 state ministries, currently the tallest building in the whole Borneo Island.

Sabah State Administrative Center house overall 60,000 square feet working spaces, completed in December 2016 by Bina Puri with total in/out construction cost of RM600 million.

Photo credits: Bina Puri, Nelson Michael, FN Faurillo & Yusof Jaafar.

Sabah state administrative district, Kota Kinabalu. 
Sabah State Administrative Centre.
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