The Lock Down North Korea Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

Officially name plated on the wall as the Embassy of Democratic People's Republic of Korea. North Korea embassy compound in Jalan Batai, Damansara Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is no longer the same, after the killing of Kim Jong Nam by two female North Korean spy assassins in KLIA2 using WWII nerve agent VX.

The Malaysian police force now put a band of yellow 'no entry' police lines right around the compound front, which blocks North Korean embassy personnel to get in or out from the building altogether. A national security counter measure, which forced Malaysian Authority to do so, in order to react upon Pyongyang action of taking all Malaysian (11 Malaysians) in North Korea as hostages, by temporarily banning them from leaving North Korea for no reason at all.

Korean Embassy in Malaysia seems diplomatically non-cooperative in the issue of the late Kim Jong Nam, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother. Calling Malaysia as untrustred, rejecting Malaysia autopsy report for no reason, did not handing out any 7 suspects of the embassy and Air Koryo worker for questioning, while 4 already fled the country to Pyongyang on the day of the espionage.

Malaysia now issue no more friendly visa waiver for any North Korean to enter Malaysia. North Korean ambassador Kang Chol also has been expelled days earlier after been declared 'persona non grata', which means a person of no worth to the Malaysian government. 2017 is probably the end of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and North Korea.

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