East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) KB - KL In Under 4 Hours

Since 1981, Malaysia trying to upgrade the east coast rail line to connect the end link Tumpat, Kelantan next to Thailand to Malaysia's capital city Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, but proved no avail. However, December 2016 the 600km railway project again come to light and with the help of again China, the ECRL finally proposed and received a green light go at an estimated cost of RM55 billion.

With that announcement, this 23 stations ECRL construction makes it way as among the world costliest railway project of modern days, due to various terrain difficulties on the east coast lines eg: single-longest twin hill-tunnel spanning 18km will be built under the Titiwangsa Mountains (Gombak- Bentong), several other underground lines including heavy populated Gombak, that part of rail line in Kelantan (Gua Musang - Tumpat, in Kelantan) need a total RM100 million upgrades. But the government first want to construct the single most economically important part that will connect Kuantan Port and Port Klang.

ECRL when 100% finished, in about a decade from now on, ECRL will be a single most important rail lines in Malaysia connect East Coast and West Coast rail lines that will be a game changer, probably can alter the regional trade routes to rival those busy ports in Sea of China and Straits of Malacca.

By July 2024, a fleet of 11 eight-car eco friendly and less noisy Electric-Multiple Unit or EMUs will serve public passangers, each accommodating up to 600 passengers. Gombak (Kuala Lumpur) to Wakaf Bharu (Kota Bharu) in under 4 hours.

Credits: MRLECRL, Wikipedia.

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