JB Oldtown Oldest Artisan Bakery

Salahuddin Bakery, No. 26 Jalan Dhoby J.B. is one of the oldest bakery in oldtown JB, and perhaps in the whole peninsular of Malaysia. According to Johorkaki, a trip to Salahuddin Bakery is an experience in itself.

The bakery still use those same wood-fired oven, like those stone pizza oven, just like how they did since they first operates in 1937. Salahuddin Bakery currently make all daily fresh artisan bakes eg: old styled cakes, breads, pastries, muffins, Benggali curry puffs and more.

The display is old, the way the owner treat customers is relax with small chat, all like the old days.

Photos credit: Johorkaki & Ppunlimited.

The pictures above seems not enough, watch short videos below about the classic side of those Benggali artisan baking and the other one, the history of this old bakery.

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