Lego Malaysia Cultural Icons Mini Build

LEGO Malaysia finally succeed in their historic attempt to create something specific to this country, Malaysia, by gotten their four creation of LEGO mini build to pass the strict LEGO factory production line. In conjunction with LEGO Malaysia #BuildAmazingMY campaign, LEGO Malaysia introduced these four limited edition mini builds 1. Malaysia Bunga Raya as national flower 2. Lego Rumah Kampung or traditional village house 3. Malaysia as popular cultural kite and 4. Malaysia ketupat as traditional festive glutinous sticky rice wrapped in plaited palm leaves.

These Malaysia edition of Lego mini build will be released every as LEGO Cities of Wonders Saturday for a month from May 27 onwards. There is a catch though, LEGO collectors can only get their hands on all four Lego mini builds through a minimum RM300 purchase of LEGO products. A LEGO unique and accurate reflection of Malaysia's heritage and culture. Inspired by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) Ng WY and Wing Yew then later converted into Lego mini build bricks by LEGO certified professional Nicholas Foo.

Photo credits: Brickfinder & Farish Ayub.

Besides playing as a toy, LEGO can improve your thinking, creativity, mentally. See the video below to know a bit more about this Malaysian inspired mini LEGO bricks.

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