TV3 Malaysia Live Streaming

Since 1984, TV3 has developed from Malaysia's only free-to-air television network into Malaysia's Media Prima Television Network (MPTV)'s number 1 television channel. TV3 is currently among the most watched television channel in Malaysia.

TV3 Malaysia targets premium mass with varieties of Malay-first contents eg: leader, progressive mindset, number 1 in dramas, entertainment, magazine and news, trendsetter, explosive record breaker, strong family values.

Watch TV3 Malaysia live streaming below, or navigate to the official pages:
1. TV3 live streaming on Tonton
2. TV3 live streaming on Xtra.

Or if you want to watch only daily prime news Buletin Utama TV3 8pm (GMT +8) daily, go here
3. Buletin TV3 Live

PS: This is an auto-load TV3 Malaysia live streaming embed, you should be able to watch it streaming in an instant. Problem? You viewers just have to wait for it a little if your internet seems a bit slow or TV3 Malaysia live streaming source got a bit of interruption. If still not showing up, click here.

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