Gyro Spinning 'Keris' Taming Sari Tower Malacca

80 metres above, sitting inside Menara Taming Sari (translate: Taming Sari Tower, Taming Sari is the famous name of asymmetrical keris (or kris) with distinctive blade-patterning dagger once owned by Malacca Empire's no. 1 warrior Hang Tuah) gyro spinning tower offers you a spectacular aerial view of Malacca UNESCO World Heritage City.

You can recognize some of Malacca's iconic landmarks eg: St. Paul's Hill, Independence Memorial Building, Samudra Museum and the ship Flor De La Mar, Dataran Pahlawan, Pulau Selat Mosque, Pulau Besar and the busiest shipping route the Straits of Malacca.

Mixed scenery. Malacca is an old and new city with rich cultural and architectural heritage spanning from the former Malacca Empire to subsequently the colonial rule of Portuguese, Dutch and British.

Photo credits: MenaraTamingSariChristopher Tan & Maynard Caryabudi.

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