I Am Me - Dato Seri Vida

Our funny self-made multi-millionaire beauty titan do it again. Datuk Seri Dr. Hasmiza Othman, or Dr. Vida, obviously bought Malaysia's entertainment industry, easy, by having so much wealth and huge fan base and loyal Vida Beauty's customers. Vida is so into herself here. Kind of Pineapple Pen and Gangnam Style sort of music.

Produced under KRU Music, here is Dato Seri Vida debut song into the music. This song has a meaning. DSV want to tell everybody that she as a person don't need anyone approval on how to live her life. Either you like her, neutral towards her, or simply go away from her. Obviously you cannot resist her. Mostly everybody should give up on hating, and accept her. She is Dato Seri Vida herself, fun, pretty, inspireful, living like a queen, stay true to herself.

Ringback Tones I Am Me:
Verse: Dial *131*571922# and Press Call
Chorus: Dial *131*571921# and Press Call

Verse: Type CT 1333358 and Send to 20000
Chorus: Type CT 1333357 and Send to 20000

Verse: Dial *323*287942# and Press Call
Chorus: Dial *323*287941# and Press Call

Verse: Type CRM 6727341 and Send to 28383
Chorus: Type CRM 6727340 and Send to 28383

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