Pasar Seni, KL Since 1888

Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur or Central Market, KL is a building of significant historical value. Since 1888, Pasar Seni KL started from just a wet market to currently one-stop centre for Malaysian batik, indigenous souvernirs, collectibles and handcrafts. Offers you more than just retail, but a true appreciation towards Malaysia's heritage and architecture.

Under this stunning blue and white art-decor structure, Pasar Seni offers tourists and visitors with more than 300 shops displaying and selling local handicrafts, textiles, souvenirs, collectibles and restaurants. Pasar Seni is all about Malaysian flavor, the art, the culture and the heritage value.

Cultural dance: 8:00pm every saturday.
Cultural heritage tour: 10:30am / 2:30pm everyday.

Central Market Annexe
This is an art walk, Pasar Seni Annexe is a house to Illusion 3D Art Museum, Art House Gallery and the Central market Art Lane; an art corner with 10 art studios features work of art by local artists including caricature, architectural arts, potraits of country premiers and also DIY batik workshop.

Kasturi Walk
Patronize on its alongside, Kasturi Walk is a covered walkway opened since 2011. Boast an al fresco ambiance with varieties of street vendor and stalls selling local snacks such as pisang goreng and coconut drinks, and exquisite souvenirs.

Photos credit: Central Market.

Have a tour inside Pasar Seni / Central Market KL, a heritage hub of year long cultural activities including street busking, flea markets and more.

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