Air Asia Domestic 'Santan' Airline Meals

Santan: Flavors of Asean. Air Asia has chosen the much loved coconut milk as their in-flight meal theme, selection of Asean, international and vegetarian options for everyone, available for all Air Asia flights eg: AK Malaysia Domestic, DJ Japan, D7 Air Asia X, FD Thai, I5 India, QZ Indonesia, XT/XJ Air Asia X Thai/ Indonesia, Z2 Philippines. For convenience, passengers can pre-booked desired meals at least 24 hours before scheduled flight departure, all pre-booked meals come with a free complimentary drink as well.

Since Air Asia have tons of meals, below are the images of Air Asia Malaysia (AK flights) domestic airline meals. Best of all definitely among Malaysian is Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak which consist of rice cooked within coconut milk hence known as coconut rice, chicken rendang, chilli onion sambal, half hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and peanuts, cut-short pandan leaf. After all, nasi lemak is the most favorite breakfast dish in Malaysia.

Photos credit: Air Asia, Voneats.

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