Dirtiest Flat In Penang Taman Teluk Indah E Blocks

This is the dirtiest residential in all Penang, in-fact turning into slums now. There are two large communal garbage disposal bins, with specially built infrustructure ease the residents to go throw out their garbage, but the residents seems do not know how to go there. Also there are garbage bins on every levels on end-corner of the blocks, but the ones using it seems do not know how to put their garbage into the bin properly.

Most of the residents including upper floors, likes the idea of simply throw their plastic bag full of garbage out of their unit, that burst upon hitting the ground leaving their garbage scatters everywhere on the walkways, clogging drainage. Rules and regulation set-out by the flat managements, nobody follows. Many defaulted their RM30 monthly maintenance fee.

Since 2008, the city council already spent closed to RM1million to improve the living condition of the residents of the lowcost flats area, but when the right mentality is not there, nobody can really help. Hence Seberang Prai Municipal singled out the 21-storey-high, 14 years old flat, with nearly 2,000 residents living there, as the filthiest in the state of Penang.

Desperate measure now come into mind, the management is going to install CCTV cameras to catch the garbage throwers.

Photos credit: Malay MailPenang Kini.

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