Kuching Waterfront's Darul Hana S-Bridge

Since November 2017, Sarawak river along Kuching Waterfront area has installed an iconic new landmark, the Golden S-Bridge or officially named as Darul Hana Bridge. Meaning a place of peace and tranquility.

Loom 12 meters above water, Darul Hana Bridge is pedestrian only, connecting Astana Lama and Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building across the Sarawak River and 11 Jalan P. Ramlee at Kuching Waterfront, or Sarawak's culturally famous old main bazaar. Suspended high above the Sarawak River, Darul Hana Bridge features 335 meters in total length and held in place by two 48 meters tall towering steel structures.

Photos credit: Astro Awani, FozdarRTM Sarawak.

Not just a mere pedestrian bridge to connect both side of the Sarawak River, Darul Hana Bridge is set to the bridge full of celebrations and culturally important for both locals and tourist alike. See the video below, Darul Hana Bridge already became a significant focal point in Sarawak rainforest festival.

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